Note: The recipes here are for PmWiki versions 0.6 and 1.0 only. For PmWiki 2.0 recipes, see Cookbook.


Use the wiki to drive browser-based presentations (instead of using Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, for example).


Download and unzip Attach:presentation-0.1.4.tar.gz.

Move the contents of to.local/ into local/ -- the directory is:


Move the contents of to pub/skins/ -- the directories are:


Add the following line to local/config.php


If you have installed WikiCalendar, the publish recipe is an update of the publish.php script and publish skin included with that version.

If you have installed PageTableOfContents, this recipe is an update of the maori.php script included with that version. It really is time to rename maori.php to reflect its expanded capabilities. It also supersedes PublishWikiTrail.

Include preso-config.php after including wikilog or page toc; otherwise the script will die with an error.

It includes the jumpbox.php script from the Cookbook.JumpBox.


There are three configuration variables, set to sensible default values:

    $WPSuffix (default='WP') identifies which groups are presentation 

    $PresentationTrailPage (default=$DefaultTitle) identifies the 
    slide list

    $PresentationExceptions (default=array($PresentationTrailPage,
     'RecentChanges') identifies pages that don't use the presentation

Build a trail of one or two levels on the $PresentationTrailPage, in a group whose name ends in the $WPSuffix. PresoWP.HomePage for example. Each trail page becomes a slide.

The presentation.png is a sample screen shot of a default installation, shown here at half size.

Or see a live example -- pick a slide and follow the trail.


  • the =notes start of line markup designates slide speaker notes, omitted from browse mode, included in edit preview, print and publish
  • the [[$Publish]] markup on the $PresentationTrailPage lets you produce a set of printable slides, with speaker notes highlighted
  • on slide pages, it loads an extra stylesheet to adjust the page height, page width and font size
  • the header includes a breadcrumb trail, eg Home Page > Part 2 > Features
  • the footer includes next and previous links via a modified trail markup
  • the sidebar lists the slides, nested 2 levels, highlighting the current slide; the template omits the group and Main.SideBar pages
  • if a slide starts with a heading (one or more ! marks), the text appears as a tool tip on links to that page in the side bar, breadcrumbs and next and previous links
  • a stylesheet called pagesize.css controls the slide size
  • for best results, turn off your browser's address bar, bookmarks bar and status bar when viewing the slides

Check out Eric Meyer's S5 online presentation methods for ways to do this as well.


This works with a clean PmWiki 1.0.0 install, but should work fine with older versions. Tested with Safari 1.2.3 on Mac OS 10.3.5. Stylesheet configured for 800 by 600 (suitable for slide projectors). YMMV.


26 Sep 2004 -- version 0.1.4 add smartquotes script; otherwise the maori script may die

3 Sep 2004 -- version 0.1.3 more minor style sheet improvements and bug fixes

27 Jun 2004 -- version 0.1.2 minor improvement to the print style sheet and bug fixes

23 Jun 2004 -- version 0.1.1 released; known limitations: the trail publish option does not support the recent extensions to [[include:...]] syntax for partial page inclusions


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