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Highlight keywords when coming from a search page, pmwiki,google,etc


Development/ResearchWordHighlighted depicts how to use a bit of javascript to highlight keywords. For some reason it gave an error on my pages. So I created a pmwiki module


The basic principle is simple, find and replace. A catch is that we don't want to replace anything in html tags (< >).

For pmwiki with the template system (0.6.1+)

Download and save Attach:searchhighlight_1.13.txt as searchhighlight.php add to your local/config.php:


Update your tmpl file (PmWiki.LayoutBasics):


Add a style to your stylesheet:

.highlight {background:yellow}

additional comment

This scripts only works unaltered on PHP4 >= 4.3.0
If you're using PHP4 < 4.3.0 insert the following lines to the searchhighlight.php:

if (!function_exists("ob_get_clean")) {

function ob_get_clean() {
$ob_contents = ob_get_contents();
return $ob_contents;


Now this fine block of code works smooth ;-) J.P.Jarolim

For pmwiki 0.5

Download and save Attach:searchhighlight_1.7.php

Add the code below to the very end of your local.php (just above the ?>)

if ( ! $action || ($action=='browse' ) ) {
array_push ($PageHeaderFmt, "function:highlight_capture_start");
array_unshift($PageFooterFmt, "function:highlight_capture_stop");

Add a style to the used stylesheet:

.highlight {background:yellow;}

Or edit the script and add some bgcolor to the font (near the end).

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16-01-20041.2Initial version
16-01-20041.5case insensitve wasn't that easy;sorry.
21-01-20041.6Corrected the highlight of partial matches
  Figured out how to use lookforward
  Script requires a style hightlight in a css.
02-04-20041.11Pmwiki 0.6 rework
02-26-2004 Update for the templates (0.6.1+)

Comments & Bugs

  • Using a wrapper around PrintText would be nicer I think
  • The highlight function should work for any chunk of text.

The highlight function should work for any chunk of text.

Since SearchWiki finds any chunk of text, they should be highlighted. To get that result, just change the function highlight(..) in the searchhighlight.php to be found above:

function highlight(&$text,$word) {

$word = preg_replace("/#/","\#",$word);
$pregmatch = "#(\b)($word)(\b)(?![^<]*>)#i";
$pregreplace = "$1<font class='highlight'>$2</font>$3";
$text = preg_replace($pregmatch,$pregreplace,$text);


function highlight(&$text,$word) {

$word = preg_replace("/#/","\#",$word);
$pregmatch = "#($word)(?![^<]*>)#i";
$pregreplace = "<font class='highlight'>$1</font>";
$text = preg_replace($pregmatch,$pregreplace,$text);


Now everything gets highlighted. J.P.Jarolim


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