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Offer alternative logos to PmWiki.
Eventually: find a candidate to replace the current PmWiki default logo.


Voting scale:
0=Hate it | 1=Won't use it | 2=Could do | 3=Nice | 4=Very nice | 5=Must be the default PmWiki logo



Logos can be downloaded from here and used freely on any wiki (See license below).
It would be polite to offer credits to the author of the logo you are using.

See Also

  • Skins
  • PmWiki/LayoutBasics
  • PmWiki/LayoutVariables.


2004-04-04 Created by Enrique Pardo

Comments & Bugs

  • I haven't voted, as I wouldn't use any PmWiki logo (incl original) - would always replace with something local.
    • I also tend to use my own logo, but some of these would make a decent logo for the bottom of a page (i.e. "Powered by PmWiki" type mini-banners). Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind seeing some "Powered by" variants of B D and G. GregMorgan
  • The first orange dot in logo F makes it look like "PimWiki".
    Oops, this is because I keep calling Pm, Pierre instead of Patrick! :-)
    You mean it's not pronounced pim-wiki? ;-/
  • I doubt Pm would agree to use these logos (nice as they are), unless made freely available (eg. GPL, GLPL, or Creative Commons) instead of restricted by copyright.
    Logos are totally free of use. See below. --EP
  • I'd vote for G, but PmWiki should be written case sensitive :) -- Balu
    I'd also vote for G, but as {{pm wiki}}
  • Am I the only one who voted 5 for "A."?? :-) The other logos are nice and all, but I prefer the original logo which looks more "personal" (It's Pm's wiki, after all :-) ), the others look too much like a company logo. -- Annonymous Coward(TM) edit: I was reading "444" as four hundred forty-four votes :-) just now it struck me that it's three "4" votes
  • Thanks Annony Coward. I had no idea how to vote till I read your comment. I added a 'five' for the original logo. It's memorable. It's colorful. It's readable in a wide range of sizes. It has a style or 'flavor' that is jaunty yet implies precision. ps: I gave B and D 4's and I really hate logo's that incorporate markup characters '{' and '/'.... that's been done to death.... gave them a 1 for won't use..
  • I really like the original logo design, so I don't think that should be changed. I just added the N version of a small powered by banner, so that it uses the same color code.
  • Tricky voting method only discerned from these footer comments! I will stick with the original logo for my wiki but want to add that the last two look quite like the buttons you can make (and tweak!) yourself at [(approve links) edit diff] - HWP



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