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i did not the like the quality of the images MimeTeX produces, so I tried to write my own script that uses an existing latex installation. this is the first time i used the php scripting language ... so the entire script propably isn't implemented very smart ... suggestions welcome.


as mentioned above you need a complete latex installation and the tool dvipng (or convert that comes with imagemagik, if you slightly adjust the script in line 131).


the script assumes that you have a /pub/img/latex/ directory the webserver user has write permissions to.

  • {$ latex formula $} , for inline equations, like \( a+b \) in latex
  • {% label, latex formula %} , for \begin{math} like equations, EQ(label) can be used anywhere on the page as an anchor to the equation

put useful settings for these tags in your local.css or another appropriate place

  • span.mathRef for the anchor to the equation
  • img.formulaMath for equations with label, put a dotted line arround them or something
  • img.inlineMath, gues what, for inline equations
  • span.eqCount, for the little number behind labeled equations

See Also

See also MimeTeX.


  • 11/22/04 first "release"
  • 01/25/05 security enhancements by Nils Knappmeier

Comments & Bugs


  • where do the spaces in the name attribute of the anchor for the formulas come from, i had to remove the "" to make it work, not very nice
  • the whole ref() is implemented pretty bad i guess ... suggestions welcome
  • this definetly does not produce valid html
  • this propably isn't very safe

Security modifications by Nils Knappmeier:

  • I noticed that you could just read any file on the disk by doing a "{$ $/etc/passwd $ $}" for instance. The code I inserted modifies the tex-source, such that:
    • "/" is replaced by "\slash{}"
    • "$" is replaced by "\$"
    • Every command with parameters is as in \command{something} is replaced by \command{\nothing{}something} where \nothing{} does in fact do nothing (but it will scramble filenames)
  • The problem is that you can never be sure to know all commands that open files somehow. But this way, all filenames in a function should be rendered useless, while all math formulars should still work.


  • JanSchumacher

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