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Note: The recipes here are for PmWiki versions 0.6 and 1.0 only. For PmWiki 2.0 recipes, see Cookbook.

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Skin overview

This is a clean, minimalist skin that is designed with usability in mind. The first version was developed using release 0.6.12 and Pm's pmwiki skin as a starting point. After that, the skin was completely rewritten from scratch. Design objectives:

  • Consider screen pixels valuable and don't waste them.
  • Common navigation links should have "obvious" placement.
  • Be understated without being spartan.
  • Avoid displaying lots of duplicate links.
  • Avoid links to the page you are already on.
  • Normal navigation links should have "obvious" placement.
  • Wiki links and last-visited output shouldn't be distracting.
  • Be easy to use for mere mortals who don't understand the whole "wiki thing".
  • Be easy to use for super-humans who do understand the whole "wiki thing".
  • Allow wiki links and last-visited output to be hidden (highlight on hover).
  • Provide an adequate text area to make editing easier.
  • Look similar in various browsers.
  • Be easily customizable to suit personal taste.

The output validates (XHTML 1.0 and CSS) according to w3c.org's validation service.

This new version should be even easier to customize (about as easy as CSS gets) by editing the lean.css file. Another nice improvement is a wider textarea that has a 10-point monospaced font, so you have about 80 columns to work with when you edit pages.

Archive Files

gzipped tar archive (LeanSkinForPmWiki-0.7.tar.gz, 8K)
zipped archive (LeanSkinForPmWiki-0.7.zip, 9K)


Version 0.7:
Added title= attributes to some links.
Various minor refinements.

Version 0.6:
Improved installation instructions.
Reduced font size of headings.
Added some margin around images in the wiki body.
Changed "Printable View" to "Printable".
Added an AllRecentChanges link in the footer as "(All)".

Individual Files

(The individual files are from the copy that's installed here, which is an old release.)

Mini Doc File (README.txt)
In the README.txt it should be said in Step 2) that in the case of a not existing config.php the first line should begin with a <? and there must be a final line with ?> at the end.
Done. Thanks for the feedback. Also, Step 1) refers to pub/, but it should say pub/skins/ instead. This is also corrected in the v0.6 tarball.

Theme Template File (lean.tmpl)
Theme Cascading Stylesheet File (lean.css)
Printable View Template File (lean-print.tmpl)
Printable View Cascading Stylesheet File (lean-print.css)
Logo Graphic:


Doesn't work well with pages that have only a couple of lines of text. Fixable by setting a few width='x's. I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not, but again with pages that don't have much in them, the text doesn't start from the top. This too can be fixed: by adding a few height='x's. Otherwise, a very nice skin that has done well meeting the objectives.


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