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Note: The recipes here are for PmWiki versions 0.6 and 1.0 only. For PmWiki 2.0 recipes, see Cookbook.

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Skin overview

This skin is based on a PmWiki customization created by James Home (http://www.jameshome.com/). The layout of the page is controlled by the template file at PubDir:skins/jh/jh.tmpl and its associated CSS file at PubDir:skins/jh/jh.css.

The "tabs" in the title of the page are being generated using the CSS "sliding doors" technique described at http://www.alistapart.com/articles/slidingdoors. The layout template file includes a stylesheet definition that highlights the appropriate tab based on the value of PmWiki's $action global variable. The tabs also resize appropriately with changes in text size.

Page rendering Example

  • ThisPage:?skin=JHSkin


  • PubDir:skins/jh


  • In Firefox 1.0PR, only the bottom area, below the text, of the tabs is clickable.


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