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From this Excel / Open Office Worksheet...

to this result with just "Copy & Paste":

ItemWhatOriginDateDescriptionStarting at (in €)
2535Odetta Quimper Superb Pair VasesDarcos230704/12/2002A treat for Odetta and Fouillen collectors alike, these vases combine 2 daring designs by Paul Fouillen with impeccable Odetta workmanship. The limited production of Odetta means that finding such a pair in mint condition is a rarity. 880,00
2536HR Quimper Pair Bagpipe TraysGuerin12004/12/2002A darling pair of little trays in the form of bagpipes. This shape is specially dear to Bretons since their festivals always feature bagpipe music. The trays show classic renditions of the Breton couple walking between demi-fantaisie sprays. 65,00
2537HB only Quimper Lady Plate 19th c.Guerin12104/12/2002A good example of the naive, but nevertheless detailed, pattern made popular by HB in the 19th century. This plate features a pretty lady standing by her linen basket. Her costume and coiffe are rendered in some detail and in a colorful palette. 280,00


  • People in my group have got the habit to prepare many table documents with Excel (or Open Office).
  • They are mildly enthusiastic about changing their habit. To encourage them just to "dare" editing wiki pages, I had to create:
    • a text box on some pages so they don't have to click on this frightening command "Edit". Just clicking a send button within a "normal" page seems less error-prone with them ;-)
    • some model pages with only "Copy & Paste" action.

But we missed a very simple way to convert the worksheet tables to Wiki with the least effort possible. To resolve that, I prepared a special worksheet where (almost) the only action is again "Copy & Paste".


(These files do not contain any macro)


  1. Copy (or type) your table in sheet 1 "Start", starting at the designated cell.
  2. Optional: Add, only if you want something fancy (and especially if you have not given the proper format within the cells), some precision for each colum (such date, bold, italic, etc)
  3. Go to sheet 2 "Final" and copy all the "magically" filled-in cells.
  4. Paste within your wiki and that's it... (or put into your textbox and click "send")

Some technicalities

  1. Right now the worsheet allows only (!) 20 columns and 50 rows. If you need more, just hire me as a consultant ;-)
  2. Since Excel and Open Office do not have exactly the same sets of not-often-used commands, there are two sister-versions. Pick your choice.
  3. Some fine tuning may be needed for different languages and use (example:Date). I could only test French and some English...
  4. In order for my folks not to mix-up everything, all non "necessary" commands have been hidden. If you feel confident enough to break down your own version, the password is wiki.

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