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Prevent spammers from adding their !@*#% Links on my beautyfull wiki.


Download Zipfile (I would like to use this file - do not have password. please send to - thanks!!)

I am replacing the edit-handle that takes care of the postings. I am checking the new entries for blacklistwords and if it is clear, I am calling the previously declared posthandler. If not, I am aborting.


Just include "blacklist.php" in your config.php file or somewhere else where it makes sense. If you call "blackListCheck($text)" it will return the number of banned words.

If you need further blackwords on the list, extend the $BlackList array with further strings. Currently the blacklist contains only links and words from an asian spammer that edited my pages during the last week quite a lot.

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Update other functions that enable you to edit pages.


6.9.04: Setting up this page

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Maybe it could be worthy to ban the IP that tried to add banned words (if a badwordcount is exceeded for example).

Hello. I replaced the "post" action with "edit" and added it to the pmwiki2 site, at| Cookbook/BlackList. I hope you don't mind. I needed it to try to stop a mat chinese spammer on my side. I'll try to update the 2.0 version when needed.


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