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Adding the ability to align text right or to center it. Also add underline possibility.


Markup text according to...

--_Align text to the right--_
-_-Center text-_-
__underline text__


Add the following to local.php

$InlineReplacements["/__(.*?)__/"] ="<span style='text-decoration:underline'>\$1</span>"; $InlineReplacements["/--_(.*?)--_/"] ="<div align='right'>\$1</div>"; $InlineReplacements["/-_-(.*?)-_-/"] ="<div align='center'>\$1</div>";

Comments & Bugs

Works with PmWiki > 0.5.24 and 0.6.0

2004-03-05 - First - thanks for doing this - I have needed a centering and underline capability.
As given above, the underline has some problems. For example, a long string of '_' will be interpreted in sections as requiring underlining. Also, consider trying to do a checklist type line: __Item 1 __Item 2 __Item 3 This is also inadvertantly underlined in sections.

What seems to be a little better, and is in keeping with the other proposed markups, might be something like: -__underlined stuff__-

The regular expression is then: /-__(.*?)__-/.

Also, take a look at the mailing list thread starting at for a discussion of underline (and bold and italic) patterns. Finally, as of PmWiki 0.6.9 you can now write %text-decoration:underline define=ul% and afterwards use %ul%underlined stuff%% to do underlining. --Pm

This text has an underlined phrase in it.

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