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Shouldn't passwords-by-reference be inheritable at the site level?

Unlike for normal passwords such as @group authorizations, whenever I see in AuthList "Set by site" and a password-by-reference, the authorization is never granted to the user. My workaround is to actually specify "@_site_mypassword" at the group or page level - i.e. forsake site-level inheritance. This is unexpected behavior and confusing. If it's not a bug, it needs to be documented. -- RandyB September 24, 2016, at 07:49 PM

I have tried to use the following (in pmwiki-2.2.0-beta52) and found that the attribute page method given works as expected, but that the $DefaultPasswords['source'] declaration was ignored and had no effect, ?action=source remained effective across the wiki. Des June 30, 2007, at 07:30 AM

You need to also add $HandleAuth['source'] ='source'; --Petko February 14, 2009, at 04:53 PM

Where can I change the Auth Form that ones is sent to when typing in MyGroup/MyPage?action=attr? This is not the same page as Site/AuthForm, but IS the page where a user would go to change their password...

This is a talk page for improving PmWiki.PasswordsAdmin.

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