This evening, I have learned that to not have to add (:linebreaks:) manually on every page, but have the same effect over a whole farm with one change, one should add "$HTMLPNewline = '<br/>';" to config.php.

Please see the Page Directives page, where such a dark art as how to accomplish this is revealed (at the end of the page no less).

And here, I have thought for 3 years that if such magic existed, the spell would be on the Pagelist Variables.

Well, it is not a variable about PageLists so I added it to LayoutVariables. It was added on PageDirectives because the (:(no)linebreaks:) commands are there. --Petko November 10, 2011, at 03:25 AM

LayoutVariables. Nice Page. One day, I hope to know a little something about PmWiki. -m

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