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I wanted to have a simple forum on my wiki that shows a few forms for creating threads and making comments on them.


I provide two different forms: One to create a new thread and one to leave comments. Each one takes the user comment and his name. The new thread is saved in a new wikipage in the same group. It uses a timestamp to prevent equal titles.

To enable the forum use: [[$Forum]]

The Threadpages will be created in the same group.


pmwiki 2.x

the forum should work now also for pmwiki 2.x.
To enable the forum use: (:$Forum:)
(At the moment, TestLog() has to be commented out). I will also update documentation when I have more time.



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Comments & Bugs

Nice work,

What about merging WikiForum and WikiGuestbook? And while you are on the job anyway I would like to use it as a FAQ-generator as well :).

I would like to have the form strings ( name,comment etc) as defnititions somewhere at the top. This makes it easier to use the form for in a different language

Ok, I will replace the strings by variables - but why would you like to merge the Guestbook and the Forum? And about the FAQ generator? What do you have in mind? The first thing I had thought of right now is simple one-line form that adds a question together with an answerform together with the question which is replaced by the answer - maybe like that?

-bram- Says thanks for the work.

About the guestbook:

The forum-comment page is not much different compared to your guestbook. If you take a look at my guestbook, you will see that I used the forum module. I only tweaked it a little bit. ( last comment on top, boxes etc).

About the FAQ: The first post would be the Question-Answer, then users can post comments on the question. A bit like what you see in the php-manuals on [(approve links) edit diff].
Main problem with the existing FAQ-module was the missing index-feature. However since I made my first comments on your WikiForum I wrote my own auto-faq-index thing. I din't post it yet. [(approve links) edit diff] it is in dutch but as you can see it generates an index from the V: (Vraag = question) tags automagically.

I've been having a bit of trouble getting this to run. I've used this line in my local file:


Then I use this on the page: $Forum? . All I get is $Forum? displayed on the page. When I first tried to run the script, I was getting an 'undefined variable' error message. I switched the first two lines of the script, and that problem went away-of course I probably broke something else. I've been able to use other scripts, such as the calendar script with no problems. I'm running this under IIS if that makes a difference. I'm using version 0.5.27 . Any help would be appreciated.


When I installed and ran the script, I received the following message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: testlog() in forum.php on line 107

I assume the testlog function was used in testing the script and has since been removed. The script appeared to run fine after I commented out all of the lines that called the testlog function. yes (I will remove the testoptions later) -pog




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