Note: The recipes here are for PmWiki versions 0.6 and 1.0 only. For PmWiki 2.0 recipes, see Cookbook.

appendWikiPage is a bash script that will take an email message (or any other file piped into it), and create a PmWiki page. In combination with procmail, it will allow you to setup a special email address to which you can send information that you'd like to have included in your PmWiki, without having to create the page manually.

Download the script here.


  • Copy the downloaded file, appendWikiPage, somewhere convenient. I keep mine in my ~/bin directory.
  • Copy the program pmwe from the pmwiki/scripts directory, to a location in your $PATH. Verify that pmwe works by running it and editing a wiki page. Typing "pmwe", from the command line, should allow you to edit the Main.WikiSandbox page located at
  • Verify that the following programs are available on your system, somewhere in your $PATH:
      echo, grep, & sed
  • Edit the following variable in appendWikiPage:
WikiDir: the path to a temporary directory on your local system (i.e. /var/tmp)
  • Add the following receipe to your .procmailrc:
      # send 'wiki' files to wiki
      * ^
      | /home/tom/bin/appendWikiPage 
Be sure to edit the "TO" line to reflect the desired email address, and the last line to the location where you saved appendWikiPage in step #1.
  • You'll need to setup the proper alias in your MTA to forward any mail that is sent to (for example) to your regular email address (so that the procmail receipe will be executed). Alternately, setup a new user named appendWikipage and put the procmail recipe there.
  • Setup is complete.


A WikiPage will be created from any mail sent to The title of Group.Page will be determined by the following markup, containing within the email message itself:

append:Groupname.PageName?: beginning of selection
append:?: end of selection
  • If the WikiPage already exists, the selected text is appended to the end of the existing page.

Example markup

This paragraph will be appended to the page Main.LinuxTipsTricks. If the page doesn't yet exist, it will be created.

This is another paragraph in the same email message, regarding a different subject. It will be saved to the page Dogs.ColliesAreFun.


  • Feel free to send email to

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