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Evolver is a skin that demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate both UserAuth and CMSLike into a PmWiki website. Although the skin uses both of these extensions, it does not depend on them. This skin will work without installing either of these extensions.

This skin is based upon the OSWD Evolver design.


Evolver provides:




  • Unzip package in PmWiki directory
  • Set $Skin = 'evolver'; in your config.php file


  • $LogoTagline - Change to the tagline you want to appear below the logo
  • $CopyrightNotice - Displayed at the bottom to indicate ownership of wiki content.
  • $PageLogoFmt - Replace with whatever HTML you want in the logo area if you do not like the default that is created from the $WikiTitle
  • $PageLogoSpacer - Defines the string that separates the parts of the Wiki word in the $WikiTitle string

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  • March 13, 2005 - Version 0.1
    • Initial version
  • March 14, 2005 - Version dasdasdasdas0.2
    • Made Copyright notice configurable
    • Miscellaneous cleanup
  • March 15, 2005 - Version 0.3
    • Removed dependency on UserAuth and CMSLike
    • Added more comments to evolver.php
    • Upgraded for use of CMSLike version 0.2
    • Added some configuration


  • Lee J. Moore - OWSD version author
  • James McDuffie - Adapted for PmWiki, UserAuth and CMSLike use, also maintainer


Q: I love this skin but need a maximum width for lines (either characters or pixels); I've tried several approaches: various settng for white-space, css 'width' and even hard-coded table-widths... Anyone have any ideas??? thanks -dc Feb 21, 2007, at 09:58 AM

Q: This skin seems to be not Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional according to the W3C. – Subhash

Q: Hi, I've tried this skin and think it is a very nice idea. But: using the skin, the "Guiedit"-Addon doesn't work anymore. Did anyone else have problems with it? How to fix this? -- Peter March 17, 2005, at 06:28 AM

It seems that for some reason this option is not automatically turned on for skins other than the PmWiki default one. I had to add the following to my evolver.php file to get gui buttons working again:

 global $EnableGUIButtons;
 $EnableGUIButtons = 1;

In my next release this will be there by default. But for now you can add it to get these buttons to show up. -- JamesMcDuffie

Thanks for the help. It works now - and it is a great skin. At least, it was another fault. Some of my "customizing" caused a problem. Peter

Also, check out the GuiEdit page which gives more details about the Gui Edit buttons and includes instructions to do the exact configuration as I stated above. -- JamesMcDuffie

Q: Is it possible to add a button 'Recent changes' along with the view/edit/history/print buttons on the top right of the skin ? How would you do it ? (I just don't know how ^_^) Thank you for this very nice skin *jmi Well, I managed to do it by myself. I guess it's easy when you know the php language... ^^ I also would like to have such button ;-) Perhaps can someone help me.

other questions :

  • The $pagelogourl doesn't display with this skin, does it ? (at least, it doesn't display on my website)
  • It seems that the center and right WikiStyles also do not display in the center or the right side of the page, rather they are limited by the length of the title header (see for an example of %right%)


Q: What is the status of this skin, I really like it, but I have some issues with all the tables that are used in the skin, With all the tables a few recipes I have included do not resize correctly.

Q: On some pages my sidebar isn't displayed correctly (for example on the "home page" it's some kind of minimized). This has also happened to another guy, who really likes this skin. How can we change or solve that? the other guy is using the latest stable 2013 Version of PnWikiposted on:23 February 2006.

I've solved the problem (using PmWiki 2.1.3) by replacing, in the /pub/skins/evolver/evolver.tmpl file the line: <!--wiki:$Group.SideBar Main.SideBar-->
by: <!--wiki:{$Group}.SideBar {$SiteGroup}.SideBar-->
...because the default menu is the page Site.SideBar and not Main.SideBar.

For some reason, I can't get this theme/skin to work. Have downloaded/installed as per instructions, and have modified my config.php to set skin to 'evolver'. Doesn't take effect. In fact, I cannot seem to get *any* skin to work. - David, New Zealand

This is a wonderful theme i currently use it for an OPAC web front end and it was great to see a pmwiki version now along with with a my isis db i have a lovely wiki to match in one uniform theme.

Issues: couldnt get the search to work: so i copied the search references from the orig pmwiki template file, used the fix for the menus and its almost perfect. still cant get the GUI buttons to work tho. tried the fix still no luck.

I love the way this skin looks, but you did a pretty poor job with the edit page. First, the preview button doesn't work; secondly, compatibility with recipes like ConfirmEditNotSaved is broken. Any recipe that tries to alter the functionality of the upload or edit pages via SDV() will probably break due to this issue.

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