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Feature Requests/Bug Reports

What would be really nice is to be able to submit posts to PMWIKI via email. This would require a script to periodically search either an email account for specific content in a subject line or perhaps all content in a dedicated mailbox. I don't have the skills but this is a common blogging feature and forms the basis of many impromptu systems that require remote updating of information. - MND - 05.08.21

It'd also be really nice to be able to configure it so it would NOT send minor edits (or send them, configurable choice). Also, I can't tell from the above... does it send the text of the change, or just a note that it HAS changed? Please change the documentation above so that we can know, and if it CAN'T send the actual text of the change, I'd love to see that added! - DAW 2005-10-21

DAW: It only lists the fact that changes have been made, along with a link to the RecentChanges page. - Mike 2005-10-26

The "include text changes" option is a PITS issue: 00098 (feedback required). --Henning May 02, 2006, at 04:43 AM

I use this function which comes in quite handy for a workgroup. The thing is: I have installed a pmwiki engine once and I use groups. I have locally set two different groups to mail the last edits to 2 mailing lists that are different. The problem is: group 1 usually gets group 2 emails and vice versa. I don't know how to prevent that. -Raymond- 2005-11-14

I'd like to use MailPosts, but I have a rather large number of users I'd prefer not to administer manually. If it would be possible to draw the email addresses from a normal wiki page specified in the config files, the users could add themselves to the lists (or strike themselves). They would be happy because they're in control, I would be happy because I'm relieved of the administrative work. --Henning January 25, 2006, at 04:59 AM

See also: 00291

I'd like to see MailPosts use a variable list of subscribers and visitors to be able to add/remove his or her email address on a per group or page base. Shouldn't be too dificult to build, but at the moment I've no time to do it and relatively new to PmWiki. Maybe later. (Or maybe it is already available in another cookbook recepie) André Steenveld, march 2, 2006.

See also: 00291

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