PmWiki user since December 2004. As of 2016, deployed on Windoze 2012 server using Bitnami WAMP stack.

Using a wiki farm with the following fields publicly visible:

Send mail for me to: x-pmwikiATSIGNetonDOTca

  • Spam hater and dedicated spam fighter.
  • Not-quite-so-vocal-any-more opponent of creeping featuritis.
  • Helped (???) to edit PmWiki docs ages ago.
  • Two-time winner of the coveted "PmWiki idiot of the week" award (as of 2005-01-14) for posting egregious disinformation on the PmWiki.MailingLists
  • Despite using MediaWiki at "work", I still gravitate back to PmWiki for more personal or non-enterprise projects.