PmWiki user since December 2004. As of 2016, deployed on Windoze 2012 server using Bitnami WAMP stack. In 2017, switched server to Win 10 Pro using Bitnami WAMP stack and updated all sites to use https.

Using a wiki farm with the following fields publicly visible:

Send mail for me to: vonpmATSIGNetonDOTca

  • Spam hater and dedicated spam fighter.
  • Not-quite-so-vocal-any-more opponent of creeping featuritis.
  • Helped (???) to edit PmWiki docs ages ago.
  • Two-time winner of the coveted "PmWiki idiot of the week" award (as of 2005-01-14) for posting egregious disinformation on the PmWiki.MailingLists
  • Despite using MediaWiki at "work", I still gravitate back to PmWiki for more personal or non-enterprise projects.