Hi, localization of the computer and software terminology makes a total idiot from me when after several years of using the english terminology I have to gues the meanings of localized terms even if it's my native language.

e.g. isn't it stupid if known function names (known almost in all programming languages) such as LEFT, RIGHT, VALUE etc. are suddenly localized and not accepted in their original form (like in localized MS Excel)? -- Jiri August 09, 2010, at 02:12 AM

Yeah, I had the same feeling. In some cases I just keep the English name, because the found translation is not specific enough or as you said sounds very strange when used in the local language. And that is the reason for this page, so we keep the (non-)translation consistent in the localization. -- SchreyP August 09, 2010, at 02:40 AM

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