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If you have a friend with a pmwiki, you can share special pages, that are located on one server only. The page content will be displayed with your skin and so on, but the content is always the same.


Will this only share content with another wiki with this script enabled? And if so is there a more universal script out there? - Thanks


The current version fetches the wikicontent of a page with an action command and includes it in your wikipage. That's all - caching would be nice to avoid too much traffic.

If you've implemented the given code, you can include other wikipages that offer this "service", too with this syntax:



Just include the code from here ( in one file that is included in your config.php file.

See Also

If you include this script in your wiki, you can include this page in your wiki somewher with the given syntax.


28.4.2004: Started Wikisharing project

Comments & Bugs

  • Any links are currently problematic: They are not replaced so any local links (also wikiwords) and local images are not included in your site.


To Do

  • Strings: Replacing strings and layout code with varialbes and internationalisation stuff
  • Caching: Check version before transmitting and cache current versions
  • Editing: Add a button to edit Wikicontent of the shareholder
  • Linking: Local attachments and other local links should be replaced with hardlinks.
  • Versioncontroll: Add a parameter to the wikisharerequest to check the sharingversion of the script

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