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Correct typical typing errors in a Wiki page automatically.

I am pretty bad in synchronizing my left and right hand fingers, so are many others. Thus, a number of words would frequently be typed wrong, and it would be nice if there would be a way to automate corrections.

This is not a spell checker.


The extension implements an automatic replacement of strings (idea: typical typing errors) when a page is either saved or previewed.

Error corrections can either be defined in an array ($SpellWords), or by a Wiki page (SpellingCorrections), or both.

The array would be defined like:


To achieve the same by the Wiki page, simply add equivalences line by line. Blank lines and lines without a "=" are ignored (and can be used as comments). Example


The values need not be complete words. Note that the script takes care NOT to apply the replacements to THIS page (it would be a short fun).


The script intercepts the HandleEdit function, checks for save or preview and modifies the posted text by applying the substitutions defined in the $SpellWords array and read from the spelling correction page. Normal rendering is not touched, the correction page is not even read then.


Download the file Attach:spellcorrect.php and install it into your local/ directory. Include the script from local/config.php.

The Wiki page containing the replacements defaults to $Defaultgroup.SpellingCorrections. You may configure this by setting $SpellCorrectPagenameQQ either in config.php before including the script or in the script itself. Setting the pagename to blank (not null!) disables reading the page but keeps the feature (the $SpellWords@@ array is still effective).

Detailed instructions are contained in the script.

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First version 2004-Sep-??. Tested and heavily used with pmwiki-1.0.11

Comments & Bugs

Since this is straight character string replacement, entries should be selected carefully.



Just the same as PmWiki, naturally.

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