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Curly quotes look better than straight quotes and make pages more readable.


This script automatically turns straight quotes into curly quotes, -- into em dashes, ... into ellipses, and << ... >> or < ... > into angle quotes.

It also checks numbers: digit-digit becomes digit en dash digit and digit quote becomes digit prime (′ or ″). You can prevent a prime with a backtick quote, which comes out as a right quote mark.

Attach:smartquotes.php - source code (works with PmWiki 1.0 and above; it should work fine with earlier versions)


Put smartquotes.php in your local directory and add the line include_once("local/smartquotes.php") to local.php.

Mostly, it just works. But…

Word processors have to be fooled to put a right quote at the start of a word (such as '90s) and SmartQuotes is no different. If you write `'90s (backtick-quote), it gets rendered as ’90s.

You can also force an en dash (such as the Wellington–Picton ferry) with `- (backtick hyphen).

The script affects page displays only; your page source is unchanged.

If you have installed PageTableOfContents, you already have smart quotes.

There was a flaw in an earlier version: it made the opening quote inside markup such as @@"some text"@@ come out as a right quote. This is now (27 June 2003) fixed. JR


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