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How can I allow users to change their skin based on a query parameter or cookie setting?


The Attach:skinchange.php script enables query parameters of the form "?skin=" and "?setskin=" to be added to a page url to allow users to view pages with a different skin. The ?setskin= query stores a cookie on the browser that causes a different skin to be used for all subsequent pages, while ?skin= only changes skin for the currently displayed page.

To use this script, in the config.php file simply define an array called $PageSkinTemplates that indicates the template file to be used for each skin name, and then do include_once('local/skinchange.php');. Example:

    $PageSkinTemplates = array(
        'pmwiki' => 'pub/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki.tmpl',
        'classic' => 'pub/skins/classic/classic.tmpl',
        'jh' => 'pub/skins/jhskin/jhskin.tmpl');

Some example links using this script:

  • ThisPage:?skin=classic - switches to ClassicSkin for this page
  • ThisPage:?skin=jh - switches to the JHSkin for this page
  • ThisPage:?skin=pmwiki - switches to the PmWiki standard skin
  • ThisPage:?setskin=classic - switches to ClassicSkin for all subsequent pages
  • ThisPage:?setskin=jh - switches to JHSkin for all subsequent pages
  • ThisPage:?setskin= - returns to the default skin


  • Pm, original script (25-Feb-2004)
  • Arndis, ampersand note after Pm suggested the fix (5-Mar-2004)
  • Ampersand note no longer needed as of 1.0.0 (19-Jun-2004)

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