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Is there a way that I can include the text of another page randomly selected from a list of pages?




This script adds markup of the form [:randomincl PageName:], which includes the text of a page selected at random from a list of pages stored in PageName.

The script also keeps track of which pages have already been selected, so that multiple instances of [:randomincl ...:] in a page will not cause the same page to be displayed twice.

This page has this recipe enabled, so that the markup [:randomincl PmWiki.DocumentationIndex:] randomly selects a page from the PmWiki/DocumentationIndex.


  • Pm, 09-July-2004


The following is the text of a page randomly included from the pages listed in PmWiki.DocumentationIndex. Reloading this page will cause different pages to be displayed below.

[:randomincl PmWiki.DocumentationIndex:]

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