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implementation of a notepad using pmwiki and mozilla web browsers


setup a new bookmark in the mozilla browser (incl Firefox) with:

  • Name=PmWiki Notepad
  • Location=http://your.pmwiki.url/pmwiki.php?pagename=Notepad.%s&action=edit
  • Keywords=notepad


can be any name you like
you can use any group you like
enter a word here, which you will use as a shortcut to be entered in the browsers URL.

If you need to edit an existing or a new nodepad-entry simply type "notepad Mynote" in the browser's URL. This will open a new pmwiki-page in the group you specified within "location" (here: Notepad) named whatever you specified after the shortcut "notepad" (here: Mynote). Then enter your note and save the page (here: Notepad.Mynote) .

The only caveat is: you can't enter the note's name in lower case only (don't know why !), so use at least one capital letter within the name (or append one capital letter in the URL before or after %s)!

To display a list of all notepad-entries create a page (e.g. Notepad.All) with the text:

 !Notepad list

and a link in your sidebar:

 * [[ThisWiki:Notepad.All&text=Notepad%2F Notepad]]

or another mozilla shortcut, e.g.

  • name=show all notepad-entries
  • location=http://your.pmwiki.url/pmwiki.php?pagename=Notepad.All&text=Notepad%2F
  • keywords=allnotes

See Also

Mozilla docs


Comments & Bugs

  • don't know if you can do this with MSIE also.
  • (DaveHill) I needed to change the sidebar link to list all to
        [[ThisWiki:?pagename=Notepad.All&text=Notepad%2F Notepad]] 
  • For Firefox 1.1 pagename I had to use was Main.NotePad with %s omitted, otherwise page was not recognised.
  • (agvaughan) Only prepending a capital (onto the front of the notename) and not appending (onto the end of the notename) seems to generate the note. Ie., it must start with a capital in any event. (Firefox 1.0 Mac/Win)


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