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Let a visitor find out whether pages of interest have changed.



Put notify.php into your local/directory and add the following line to local/config.php:


If you have one of the recipes that includes freesupport.php, such as the WikiCalendar or PageTableOfContents, that's it. If not, you will need to uncomment the Wikify($word) function. Edit notify.php and remove the /* ... */ around "function Wikify($word) { ... }" at the end of the file, then save.


A visitor wants to add a directive to pages of interest, then find out whenever any of these change. Different visitors are interested in different sets of pages.

Suppose there are some pages you are interested in tracking. You add a directive to each page, along the lines of

     =notify {{Christian}} {{John}} ...

Every time one of these pages gets updated, the pages Notify.Christian, Notify.John ... are updated, using the RecentChanges page format. The =notify {{Christian}} is rendered in browse as


So you get a trail through your pages of interest.

Visit Notify.Christian to see when your pages of interest last changed.

You can also use it for assigning keywords (subject categories) to pages and tracking which pages use what keywords.

If you want the notification group to be something other than "Notify", set $NotifyGroup before calling notify.php.

You may want to add a link from your Profiles page to Notify.{{$Title}}.


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