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Disabling passwords which are specified for a wiki-page or wiki-group, e.g. within a local copy of a productive PmWiki on your local webserver for testing etc.

I use this to copy the wiki-pages of my wiki at my ISP into my locally used PmWiki on my home-computer. This is a protected region, where I don't need any passwords to be set (and in the windows-PmWiki at home I also get trouble when using the crypt() function to crypt passwords cause the apache-passwords are always crypted by MD5() on windows systems). But I want the passwords to be kept just in case I copy the wiki-textfiles to my ISP's PmWiki.


Implemented a dummy authentification function named NoAuth() and set variable $AuthFunction = 'NoAuth'; to activate it.


Include the following php-script (filename without .txt) into your config.php of your local PmWiki-installation by using:



Be sure to deactivate the authentification only in a protected secure PmWiki (e.g. your local PC) ! E.g. I implemented a conditional call of the include depending on the system name only for my home system.

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2004-06-02 first implementation

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