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Tags to display current date / time / date + time. I use it to put the current version information into an exported document (printed or published as stand-alone HTML-files).


implemented three new tags to include the current values into a wiki page:

replaces tag by current date and time
replaces tag by current date
replaces tag by current time

Discussion / Installation

to activate download Attach:datetimestamp.php.txt into pmwiki-directory "local" (remove .txt from filename) and include the following statement into local/config.php:


the date and time string format can be specified in the variables:

e.g. $timeFmt = "h:i:s";
e.g. $dateFmt = "d.m.Y";
e.g. $datetimeFmt = $dateFmt . ", " . $timeFmt;

before including module (shown values are the default formats).

The style can be changed by using css-style definitions in any css-file:

 /* samples-styles for <#>?, <#>? and <#>? tags */
 .datetime, .time, .date { color:green; }

Testing can be done with the wiki text Attach:DateTimeStampTest.txt

See Also


  • Version 2004-08-31 added css-styles
  • Version 2004-02-26 first implementation

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