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How can I add a field to the edit form to allow authors to enter a "summary" of the changes made, and have this summary appear in RecentChanges and page history?


Note: This cookbook script only works with PmWiki version s 0.6.19 and later.

The Attach:changesum.php script modifies the edit form to provide a text box for entering a one-line summary of edit changes, and to have this summary line appear in the RecentChanges and page history displays.

To use this script, simply copy it into your local/ subdirectory and then add the following line to your configuration file:


Note that if you have any other local customizations that modify the $PageEditFmt, $RecentChanges, or $DiffStartFmt variables then you will have to make those changes consistent with the settings in this script.

This page has the ChangeSummary feature enabled, so that you can experiment with making changes to this page and viewing the summary lines in RecentChanges and the page history.


In the case that edits are passwd protected, this module breaks the default authentication process of PmWiki (dialogs for login/passwd authentication refuse to show themselves, and authentication simply fails). Including scripts/sessionauth.php solves this problem, although only partially (wiki users want dialogs). --AnthonyLiekens


  • Pm, original script (10-May-2004)

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