Steamport-SplashBar < Skins > Technobabble   (talk? | users? | test page | RWD? | set as default | unset | validate: HTML, CSS) Skins, PHP72 This is a skin intended for those who're hunting bugs in HTML generation.

It has been stripped to the bare minimum, so that it's easy to find the part where the HTML generated from the PmWiki page is.

It reuses the CSS file that's delivered with PmWiki (pub/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki.css), but that doesn't make it look good (nor is this skin designed for looking good).

A footer is appended that contains all the links that make the wiki functional (i.e. editing the page etc.).


Download stripped.tmplΔ and place it in pub/skins/stripped.

Make config.php contain the line

  $Skin = 'stripped';


This is Skins / Stripped.
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