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Summary: tester on graphic web design template
Version: 1.0
Status: Stable
Categories: Skins, PHP72


The technobabble skin is based on an open source web design template from dreamLogic adapted for PmWiki by Maurizio 'Napo' Napolitano


If you want a skin like this download the file technobabble.zipΔ 2


Place the plain/ directory in your skins directory (pub/skins/) and add the following to your local configuration file: Just unzip the file and place the technobabble/ directory into your skins directory (pub/skins/) and change the $Skin variable on you config.php file with the value technobabble:

## Set default skin.
$Skin = 'technobabble';


Ver. 1.0

Comments / User feedback

5.01.06 Is either the Main.SideBar, or Site.SideBar used with this Skin?

The skin includes a sidebar. As for main versus site side bar, that depends on what you choose to do, doesn't it? If you only have a Site.SideBar defined then that is what will always display. If you create alternative, group specific sidebars, such as Main.SideBar, then that is the sidebar that should display when you are viewing a page in that group. Pico
It wasn't displaying, but I fixed it and now works perfectly.

08.05.06 The file creates a /tecnobabble, not technobabble directory... wich makes the Wiki to trigger the "PmWiki can't process your request ?unable to find skin from list technobabble We are sorry for any inconvenience." Either correct the .zip, or change the name to Tecnobabble :). Nice Skin, though!

I took care of this (conformed the names of the template, folder and zip). Pico June 07, 2006, at 07:48 AM

19.12.2006 works great with firefox but had some text viewing issues with IE. you had to highlight text on some pages to see it??? other than that ....fab!

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