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This is a dark theme intended to be a 'gaming' theme. It was converted from a php-nuke theme for use with PmWiki. This theme was converted by The Black Sheep Development Group.

Download it here: bs-001v2.zipΔ
Previous version: bs-001.zipΔ

Changes in v2 (by wossName):

  • Fixed bugs in template and stylesheet
    • references to unused/missing images and CSS classes
    • image paths, table structure, skin directive positioning
  • Added new required layout markers
  • Fixed width of left header image
  • Made template generate valid XHTML Transitional
  • Made template and stylesheet easier to read


For everything to look right, you will need to edit PmWiki.GroupHeader and remove the pre-defined colors.

There are two ways to configure the logo section:

  1. The current default simply puts the image from $PageLogoUrl at the top center of the page. The file headbg.gif can be used as a background pattern.
  2. The other way (as seen in the preview) displays the logo in the center, but a bit further down. In addition, the Wiki title appears below the logo. To configure this, edit the stylesheet and change #logocell to vertical-align: middle; and #logotext to display: block;
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Can you provide a larger screenshot or an existing preview? This skin is beautiful and a good screenshot would show off the details. The screenshot above contains errors (won't display) and the Preview url returns a 404. --Ian MacGregor

I created a new screenshot and thumbnail from the preview URL. --wossName
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