Got fed up with trying to use WordPress to keep track of my notes :-} Tried DokuWiki but didn't like the fact that far too many of the plugins didn't work. Then tried PmWiki - nice - reminds me a lot of TiddlyWiki, the single page JavaScript Wiki that I've used extensively before.

I'm a long-term PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/PERL/Python/VBA user so I've no problems tweaking PmWiki to do what I want and I'll no doubt be adding some recipes of my own as I get time.

In the mean time, PmWiki is now installed on my nice new UK-based VPS (thanks to BHost) - I'm currently busy migrating from my US-based shared host (on Dreamhost) as I find that desparately slow. The VPS is blindingly fast!

You can contact me via one of the following locations:

Regards, Julian Knight, 2012-03-07

Recipes In Use

  • FlibBox
  • AjaxEditSupport
  • MarkupExtensions
  • Text2Tbl
  • WikiStylesPlus