There are several mailing lists available for PmWiki.

[ pmwiki-users ]
This is a great resource where a very helpful group of people will answer questions and discuss PmWiki development. Traffic is around 20-40 messages a day (on slow days :).If you ask a question on the list and it doesn't get answered, don't feel let down. Just ask it again. It probably slipped by unnoticed.
[ pmwiki-announce ]
Announcements of new version releases. The archive is at:
[ pmwiki-users-de ]
A mailing list for german-speaking users of PmWiki. Archived at

List etiquette and related suggestions

There are many styles for posting to mailing lists (or news groups), some are good, some are bad and others are just plain ... different. PmWiki's lists welcome everyone [1] and the list should be as welcoming and accepting environment as it can be. What follows below are simply suggestions and requests, not requirements nor rules. However, it is useful to understand that some message styles are less likely of being read and resulting in help.

The social lubricant needed and appreciated for a welcoming environment.
One author, many readers
Please make your post quick and easy to read/understand, it will likely have many readers. Your effort will be appreciated by readers both in the present and the future - remember that your post is archived! Additionally, if it is not worth your time to make it easy to read, why is it worth our time to read it? Or help you?
Quoting relevant parts
When replying, please remove irrelevant parts of the original message — the original message can always be found in the mail archive! This is especially true when replying to digest messages...
Inline responses
Please place your responses inline or at the bottom of a reply in general. There are exceptions, but then please make the response readable on its own.
Separate ideas, separate messages
Please place separate ideas in separate messages. This makes it easier once people start replying and the message thread grows...
Plain text rather than HTML
Please write messages using plain text rather than HTML. If posting in plain text is inconvenient, we prefer you to post in HTML rather than not post at all...
Adjust the topic
Message threads mutate, it's often a good idea to change the topic accordingly. Especially when replying to digests. The topic "Help with ... needed" is much more concise than simply "Re: pmwiki-users digest, Vol [...]". This also helps some mail programs keep better track of differen threads.
When replying to a individual person and not the entire list, please indicate this by changing the topic. Perhaps by simply removing "[pmwiki-users]" from the topic, or by prepending the topic with "Off-list: ".
  • [1] — this section was updated by chr after a rather lengthy thread regarding top-posting v.s. bottom-posting. Eventually pm (the creator of PmWiki) gave his "official" thoughts in this post.

Changing mail list settings

Here are some tips regarding changing the mailing list settings:

  • Logging in...
    • First go to and enter your e-mail address in the field at the bottom of the page, to the left of the button Unsubscribe or edit options.
    • Next you need to enter your password. As you've probably forgotten this, use the button Remind at the bottom of the page to get a new password.
    • Finally enter the password you should get momentarily via e-mail.
  • You can directly go to the options web page through a URI such as the following:<user>%40<domain>
where <user> is everything before the @ in an e-mail address, and <domain> is everything after ( For those who wonder, the %40 in the URI just stands for '@'.
  • You can also obtain various help by sending an email to pmwiki-users-request [snail] pmichaud [period] com with the text help in either the subject or the body.

Newsgroups (NNTP)

You may be interested, that the lists are also accessible as newsgroups.

The NNTP server is:


The groups are:


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