Summary: Creates a list of search terms used on a PmWiki site.
Version: 20180319
Prerequisites: none
Status: beta
Maintainer: CarlosAB
Categories: Searching

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I see a list of the search terms used on my site?


This script makes a tag like list of the search terms used on your site. Using the directive (:searchcloud:), you'll see a list of the search terms used on your site. The most used terms will look bigger in the list.

It has an option $EnableSearchCloudClean that when set to one on your config.php file, will let users clean up the file used for storage, using action ?action=clearsky .

The name of the file used for storage can be changed by putting the line $SearchCloudFile = "yournameofchoice"; inside your config file.

The file set by $SearchCloudFile, will be stored inside the folder set by $WorkDir which is now wiki.d.


To install this script, simply copy it into your cookbook/ subdirectory, and then add the line


to your local/config.php file.

In your wiki use tag: (:searchcloud:)


This is the first release and if you have any sugestions or corrections, please let me know.

Release Notes


20180319 - Second version with solution and corrections to all the problems commented before - searchcloud-20180319.phpΔ


Can you provide a link to an example wiki page where this it installed. So we can have a look at it? Thanks! -- TeganDowling June 20, 2006, at 08:41 AM

I don't have a site with the recipe installed. Sorry! CarlosAB July 04, 2006, at 11:22 PM

The zip file has a directory structure in it. Please correct the archive to fit the pmWiki standard. (Not a huge issue - but still...) gdb

Thank you. The problem was solved.

It slowed down my site with 5-10 secs loading. Has anyone else experienced slowdowns? Is there room to self-optimize? //anony

  • Sure there is. CarlosAB January 08, 2011, at 03:04 PM


I have a question: Why does the searchcloud only collect search terms from the content-frame search box. Terms from the search box (in my case on the right, on top of the navigation)are not shown.Is it possible to change this? Kind regards Susanne

Yes, it is possible and it was supposed to work like that from the beginning, but I am thinking about redoing this recipe as it was not well done. Just wait for a while as new script will be made.

comment by Holger January 06, 2011, at 06:46 AM
Unfortunately backlinks are in the file used for storage. Is there a possibility to prevent this behavior in the next update? It looks not really good if there is a link in the list of the search terms. ;-)

Example (lines 79-81)

if ($action == "search" && $q != "" && stristr ($q,"link=")==false){

I'm gonna test it out to see why it doesn't look good. CarlosAB January 08, 2011, at 03:04 PM

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CarlosAB March 27, 2006, at 03:50 PM

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