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comment markup not observed

Great recipe, thanks!

MiniEdit seems to be confused if Mini-Markup in comments e.g.: (:comment Mini:Foo*:) precedes other Mini-markup. I can't reproduce it exactly, once I got the set duplicated after "Save", once I got no images when starting MiniEdit.

Not a problem for me to avoid putting Mini markup in comments, nevertheless I thought I should report it. Let me know if I shall provide a test case.

OliverBetz 2012-01-23

Nice catch, thanks. MiniEdit will only process some markup rules in order to get the list of pictures for the currently edited gallery, and the comment rule was forgotten. The latest version should fix this. However, it may be better to process all rules, even those that may have been defined by the wikiadmin. I'll think about it. --Petko January 24, 2013, at 03:56 AM

More than a year later, while updating the recipe for PHP 5.5, it should finally process all rules. --Petko February 10, 2014, at 04:15 PM

Directory structure

What exactly is the structure expected by miniedit? Under the home directory for my pmwiki, I added an upload directory and under that I added a gallery directory. Then I grouped two sets of pictures each under a separate mini:... in the gallery directory. "miniedit" sees this as 2 galleries so when you edit the first mini: group of pictures, it thinks the second mini: group is the repository for the first group, and if you edit the second group it thinks that the first group is the repository. What I would like is a single repository from which each mini: group will pull images. Is there a directory structure and "mini:" grouping that would support this scenario? Gary Brammer

MiniEdit will list all available pictures in your upload directory to allow you to add and remove files to the gallery set you're editing. --Petko March 21, 2012, at 04:32 PM

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