Summary: Include a section from the first available among a list of pages
Version: 20170618
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.56 or newer
Maintainer: Petko
Categories: Includes, Markup, PHP55, PHP72
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License: PD


Include a section from the first available among a list of pages.

The PmWiki directive (:include Page1 Page2 Page3 #from#to:) does not work as advertized. If Page1 exists, but does not contain a section #from#to, it returns nothing without checking the other pages.

I have a list of pages that "may" contain a specific section. I need to include this section if it exists in the first page, if not: from the second page and so on. This recipe adds a new markup that does exactly this:

   (:includesection #from#to Page1 Page2 Page3:) 
   (:includesection #section Page1 Page2 Page3:) 

Note that the section anchors are the first parameter, unlike with the (:include:) markup.


Place the following code in local/config.php :

Markup('includesection', '>if',
$SaveAttrPatterns['/\\(:includesection\\s.*?:\\)/i'] = ' ';

function IncludeSection($m) {
  $args = ParseArgs($m[1]);
  $anc = array_shift($args['']);
  if($anc>'' && $anc{0}!="#") return '';
  foreach($args[''] as $v) {
    $x = IncludeText($pagename, "$v$anc");
    if($x>'') return PRR($x);

To set additional parameters such as lines= or basepage=, use such a markup (note the quotes):

   (:includesection "#from#to lines=3 self=1" Page1 Page2 Page3:) 

To specify different section names with each page, use this (note the quotes) :

   (:includesection "" Page1#sec1 Page2#sec2 Page3#sec3:) 


Release Notes

  • 20170618 : update for PHP 7.2
  • 20160506 : update for PHP 5.5
  • 20090228 : added $SaveAttrPatterns skip definition (suggested by Tontyna)
  • 20090112a : added way to specify different section names with each page
  • 20090112 : first release

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