01428: Errors after April 2018 server migration

Summary: Errors after April 2018 server migration
Created: 2018-04-16 16:22
Status: InProgress
Category: PHP Compatibility
From: Petko
Priority: 5


The website was migrated to a new server with more recent Apache and PHP installations. We're still working on the migration. If you notice any problems please report. Petko April 16, 2018, at 04:25 PM

Pages need fixing:

Reported by FidelioEspoir, ChuckG, CarlosAB, BlacK?:

To do:

Waiting for Pm to install programs on the server:


If you send the zips for Maguila and Green I'll fix them, I don't have a local copy anymore. I'm also changing the vector skin for personal use, so I believe I could fix Monobook.

The recipes, not the pages

CarlosAB April 19, 2018, at 01:26 AM

Thanks! I've disabled the recipes and skins above that are not yet fixed, check their pages for a link to the latest version or the list at Skins?action=upload (both the Skins and the Cookbook groups share the same upload directory for historical reasons from before there were a Skins group). --Petko April 19, 2018, at 02:39 AM

Monobook didn't have any issues for php 7.2 CarlosAB April 25, 2018, at 02:57 AM

The latest release of Monobook used Markup_e() with PCCF/create_function() which is fine for PHP 5.5-7.1 but deprecated for PHP 7.2. Even if it would run fine here (PHP 7.0), while reviewing it I decided to update it immediately instead of having to do it later: Attach:Skins/monobook72.php. All these fixes I'm making available are temporary, while the recipe maintainers update their recipes -- they can do it like me or in a different manner, there are more than one correct ways to do it -- I simply & quickly fix the recipes enabled on this wiki. --Petko April 25, 2018, at 07:06 AM