00842: AuthUser['ldap'] config directive no worky

Summary: AuthUser['ldap'] config directive no worky
Created: 2006-12-07 09:39
Status: Awaiting feedback
Category: Bug
Version: 2.2.0-beta16
OS: Linux/Apache1.3.33/php5.0.5

Description: If you set this:

$AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://localhost:389/ou=People,dc=example,dc=net?uid?one';

in local/config.php, it never gets added to the AuthUser array in authuser.php so LDAP authentication gets skipped by the code. I verified that the same URI is picked up properly in the Site.AuthUser page, but not in the config file.

Are you certain to set the $AuthUser['ldap'] line before doing include_once('scripts/authuser.php');? This is a common configuration mistake.

Pm December 26, 2006, at 10:18 AM

I see a note about putting $AuthUser['ldap'] in before including authuser.php in the Cookbook. However, in the official AuthUser page, I do not see that specified. Also, in the versions before 16, it appears that having $AuthUser values set after the include of authuser.php works. That led me to become confused on why the same configuration file wouldn't use ldap authentication in versions past beta 16 (or 17)