Pagelist Auth List Short

Summary: Display, in brief format, the permissions settings for pages that have permissions set.
Version: 1.0
Status: Mature
Maintainer: Simon
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How do I display page permissions in a brief tabular format?


Display the permissions settings for pages that have permissions set.

Fields that say "(protected)" mean that you may need to log in (e.g., with an administrative password) in order to view them.

Use the following page list template to create a short list of authorisations.


Add the following to your Site.LocalTemplates, or create a page such as Site.AuthListShort?.


Short authorisation list showing page permissions

(:template defaults passwd=?*:)
(:template first:)
(:table class='authlist' cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0:)

(:template first {=$Group}:)
(:cellnr colspan=8 style='border-top: gray 1px solid;' :)[['''{=$Groupspaced}'''/]]: 
(:if exists {=$Group}.GroupAttributes:)
[[{=$Group}.GroupAttributes]] &nbsp;
[- [[{=$Group}.GroupAttributes?action=attr | (attr)]] -] : 
(:template each:)
(:if ! equal {=$Name} GroupAttributes :)
(:cellnr colspan=8:)
[[{=$FullName}]] &nbsp;
[- [[{=$FullName}?action=attr | (attr) ]] -] : 
(:template last:)
(:cellnr colspan=8 style='border-top: gray 1px solid;' :)
[-{$$PageCount} pages displayed-]

(:template defaults passwd=?*:) (:template first:)

(:template first {=$Group}:)


(:template each:)

{=$FullName}?   (attr) :

read  {=$PasswdRead}  edit  {=$PasswdEdit}  attr  {=$PasswdAttr}  upload  {=$PasswdUpload}

(:template last:)

{$$PageCount} pages displayed

Create the pagelist using the following code


(:pagelist fmt=#authlistshort request=1 count=20 group=PmWiki,Cookbook:)


Remove the 'count' and 'group' as required.


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