Summary: Install PmWiki on Wondows Server 2003 or Windows Home Server and IIS6
Version: 2009-12-20
Prerequisites: See below
Status: Living document
License: n/a
Maintainer: Simon

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Hosting your PmWiki website on Windows Home Server or Windows Server 2003.


  • change WHS to have a fixed IP address
  • create shared folders on WHS for your website data
  • if your website is external
    • ensure your domain name is registered to your external static IP address
    • ensure your router is configured to forward traffic on port 80 to your WHS machine


Use the Microsoft Web platform installer

Create a shared folders on WHS,

eg \\Home-server\home\mywebsite\
  • install or copy your PmWiki website to (say)
eg \\Home-server\home\mywebsite\public_html\pmwiki\

Note: physically this is a directory such as D:\shares\home\mywebsite\.

IIS configuration

Configure IIS according to Cookbook:InstallOnIIS

  • ensure that on the HomeDirectory tab execute permissions are set to scripts and executables

File Permissions

Ensure the "Internet Guest Account" (IUSR_SERVERNAME) permissions are set for the folder in which your pmwiki.php or index.php resides. The defaults values of "Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read" are sufficient.

For the folder wiki.d only add to the "Internet Guest Account" (IUSR_SERVERNAME) permissions "Modify, Write".

If you wish to enable uploads add the "Internet Guest Account" (IUSR_SERVERNAME) permissions "Modify, Write" to the folder uploads.


If you copied your PmWiki site from elsewhere you may have to delete the .flock file in the wiki.d directory.

To increase the file upload size above 4MB ensure that

  • you have set $UploadExtSize for the extensions required (eg $UploadExtSize['jpeg'] = 6000000; # limit .jpeg files to 6MB)
  • edit the file C:\windows\sytem32\inetserv\metabase.xml and increase the value of AspBufferingLimit, eg AspBufferingLimit="10485760" to set to 10MB.
    • to save file user iisreset /stop from the command line, then save file, then iisreset /start, or in IIS, right click the name of the server and select properties, check "Enable Direct Metabase Edit".

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