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Congratulations, Hans. This could be very useful for heavily read static pages on wikis. I assume it doesn't handle url request variables. To take a simple example, I assume there is no way to show the results of action=history as of the last time the page was saved, let alone show a page generated by custom requests. All you can do is show what the page looks like the moment after "save" is pressed after editing, although JavaScript such as your wonderful Toggle recipe should work. - RandyB January 11, 2016, at 09:30 AM

Yes, you are completely correct, Randy. Url parameters are not handled at all, since no PHP script is called, simply a static HTML page is served. Javascript will function. Forms will submit data too, but their success depends on a) is the url for the script called correct (the recipe tries to render a correct url for forms in the HTML page), and b) what shall the outcome be of a form submission, can a user be returned to some static HTML page, or some dynamic page showing some results, but which can be used as if it is part of the static HTML pages (i.e. any links on this page pointing to HTML pages, not wiki pages). For instance I could not get a functional Search form on a static HTML page, but I managed to get a functional Contact form, with redirection to a static HTML page. So clearly there is scope to improve the recipe, and it has some severe restrictions. HansB January 12, 2016, at 03:55 AM

I have a problem saving the HTML files. Before every letter in HTML there is a sequence ../..// . Is it a configuration issue of my local wiki? Bernhard May 8, 2020

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