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Add graphical smileys to the wiki markup.

Solution - complete zip archive including gif images
Attach:smileys.php - PHP code


WikiSmileys allow graphical smileys to be inserted into documents. Markups such as :-) are converted to graphical images like :-). The complete set of defined smileys are:

Enter markupto display this smiley
:) or :-) or {:) or {:-):-)
;) or ;-) or {;) or {;-){;)
:( or :-( or {:( or {:-({:(
:p or :-p or {:p or {:-p{:p
:o or :-o or {:o or {:-o{:o
:D or :-D or {:D or {:-D{:D


Unpack the file into your pmwiki directory. The smiles.php file should go in your local/ directory and the smiley images should go into pub/smileys. Then add the line


to your local/config.php file. That should do it for most installations. If you end up with broken images in the output instead of smileys, you may need to set the value of $SmileysFolder to be the URL prefix to where the smileys images are located.

See Also

  • SmileysPlusPlus - extended smileys list


  • Janice Heinold
  • Eike Decker (zet)
  • Pm

Comments, Bugs

It should probably be pointed out that if one types the markup for some of the above smileys in the beginning of a row, they won't show up.

This doesn't semms to work on my wiki site ... and on this one if you take a look below, what can i do ?? pmwiki-2.3.7 -- Last modified by {{Dweezil}}?

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