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Allow a user to send the contents of a page by email.

A working example is on, it's in dutch, no worries the link is not that hard to find.


Put the file as TellAFriend.php in your local directory and add


to your local.php.

Provide a link with action=mailform

<a href='\$PageUrl?action=mailform'>Email page</a>

For example into the wikicmds section, or


as wikitext

Requires 0.6.0 Attach:TellAFriend.1.3.txt



  • 2004-02-12 Initial versions

Comments & Bugs

  • If a user refreshes the page (after submitting) the mail will be send again (and again...). If someone has a nice solution for this....
    • How about adding a cookie? Like the one i added in SimplePageCounter --keith
  • There are no stylesheets included in the email (yet), so the email might look less nice as your web-page does.


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