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How can I control how a page refers to itself, as in "SelfReferences"?

Answer 1: Disabling self-references entirely

You can prevent a page from creating links to itself by selectively disabling its WikiWord. Simply add the following lines to your local/config.php file:

    $title = FmtPageName('$Title',$pagename);
    $WikiWordCount[$title] = 0;

Answer 2: Changing the text of a self-reference

You can also completely customize the way in which a self-reference will be displayed via the $WikiWordReplaceFmt array. For example, adding

    $title = FmtPageName('$Title',$pagename);
    $WikiWordReplaceFmt[$title] = "<b class='selfref'>$title</b>";

to local/config.php will cause any occurrences of the page's title to be displayed in bold (and not linked).

See also

  • PmWiki.LinkVariables

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