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Note: The recipes here are for PmWiki versions 0.6 and 1.0 only. For PmWiki 2.0 recipes, see Cookbook.

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Skin overview

I wanted a layout that emphasized the text of the site and not the fact that it is a wiki. After some mucking around this is what I came up with. You can see a spiffed-up version of this same skin (using a custom local.css) at http://premake.sourceforge.net/.

I moved some of the standard wiki controls, such as search and recent changes, out of the main area of the page. You will need to add those to your sidebar. The template will also try to include a file named "local/sidefooter.php" to allow you to add HTML to the bottom of the left-side bar, such as the SourceForge logo on the site mentioned above.



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