Superceded -- this skin is obsolete, since accesskey capabilities are built into the default skin.

This skin is identical to the PmWiki skin except that it defines a variety of accesskey attributes that provide keyboard shortcuts to common PmWiki actions. The currently defined shortcuts:

All pages:

  ALT+e:  Edit page
  ALT+h:  Page history

From the "Edit Page" screen:

  ALT+s:  Save page
  ALT+p:  Preview page
Macintosh browsers typically use CTRL+<key> in place of each of the above.
Epiphany on Linux Gnome uses Ctrl+Alt+<key> in place of each of the above.

You can try these shortcuts on this page. Or, you can activate these keys permanently in your browser for all pages on If you later decide that you want to de-activate these keys, you can revert to the standard skin.

The skin is available for download at Simply unpack the skin into the pub/skins/pmwiki-ak/ directory, and add the following line to your config.php:

   $Skin = 'pmwiki-ak';


I was confused before, and still seem to be confused now by the difference between this skin description and the invocation of the skin. Am I correct in assuming that the "setskin" links above are simply convenient ways to demonstrate the skin? Does the SkinChange script need to be installed to use "setskin"?


Not exactly, and I see where the confusion lies. The skin is demonstrated by virtue of being on this page -- you get the accesskeys on this page regardless of selecting the ?setskin link. The link is just available to make it this the default for all pages on As a result, I think the best approach is to move the information about changing things permanenly out of the skin description and into a "Notes" section or something. --Pm

These accesskeys will replace the browser accesskeys using the same letters. For example with Firefox browser, Alt+e will replace the Edit accesskey of the main menu. With IE (surprise !) you need to press the Enter key after, for example Alt+e+Enter noe

Note that in Firefox (windows) you can still get to the edit main menu by pressing and releasing ALT and then pressing 'e', instead of ALT+e. --Pm

See Also

  • Cookbook.SkinChange


  • Pm, 2004-12-05, original skin

This seems to be something that would be good to either enable or disable on a pmwiki (rather than on a per-skin) basis.

It's not easy to set it up on a pmwiki basis, because it's really part of the skin itself. We could try setting up a bunch of variables to do it (e.g., $EditAccessKey, $HistoryAccessKey, $SaveAccessKey), but it just seems simpler to let the templates take care of it. Also, the choice of key name would need to be internationalized -- which is likely another reason to just make this all part of the skin. --Pm