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This group is used to document the Cookbook:PmForm recipe.

There are several steps for PmForm to work.

  1. Download and extract it to your PmWiki directory on your server Note: You need to put pmform.php direct into your cookbook/ directory, and Site.PmFormTemplates into your wikilib.d directory.
    • Xes: I don't recommend putting Site.PmFormTemplates directly in wikilib.d because that's part of the upgrade tree and should not be modified by users or recipes. I created my own xeslib.d directory and put Site.PmFormTemplates into it, adding this as the very FIRST line in my config.php:
      $WikiLibDirs = array(&$WikiDir,new PageStore('$FarmD/xeslib.d/{$FullName}'),new PageStore('$FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}'));
      This is how you can create your own lib (library) directory ("lib.d") name for wiki page templates separate from user-overwritten wiki.d files.
    • ChrisK: Any installation of files into wikilib.d also runs into issues with using WikiFarms where the wikilib.d directory may not have permissions allowing it to be written to. It thus seems reasonable to move the Site.PmFormTemplates file to the wiki.d directory.
  2. Modify your local/config.php or other local customization file, enabling PmForm
    • note you also will need a line in your config.php file to define the reference for every unique (:pmform reference:) directive:
      $PmForm['reference'] = 'subject="Email from '.$WikiTitle.'" form=#yourform fmt=#yourformpost';
  3. Create wiki page called Site.LocalTemplates if it doesn't exist already
  4. Modify Site.LocalTemplates, editing the form code creating the form (named #yourform from the config.php line above) and the output format (named #yourformpost from the config.php line above)
  5. Inserting the (:pmform reference:) directive into any wiki page where you want this specific form

Starting points:

  • Basic Email Form - a walkthrough creating a basic email form with honeypot & captcha (by Xes)
  • MailForm - forms for sending electronic mail
  • HoneyPot - filter posts from robots
  • Comments - Add comments to current page, or a comment page
  • Data Forms - Add data to pages

Unofficial user's notes about PmForms:

All relevant pages in PmForm:

Category: Forms
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